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List of exams that ChatGPT passed and exams that ChatGPT failed in

After brewing a storm in the job sector, especially amid mass lay-offs, ChatGPT is here once again, only to question the validation of the global education system this time. What initially was looked upon as an AI chatbot that gave humorous answers and witty replies, has now taken up the global education system by storm. It all started with students using ChatGPT to help with their homeworks and assignments, which it completed with commendable efficiency while saving both time and effort. Today, the AI chatbot is taking some of the most difficult tests from all fields of education, including, but not limited to, medicine, business, law, and much more. Let’s look at the exams that ChatGPT passed and the exam that ChatGPT failed till date.

Exams that ChatGPT Passed

MBA- University of Pennsylvania

According to a recent study conducted by a professor from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, ChatGPT successfully completed the final exam for the school's MBA programme. The artificial intelligence-powered chatbot received grades of B- and B on the exam. While the mark is not an A, it is still considered a good grade for a person in the course. In the research, Wharton Business School professor noted that the chatbot did "an incredible job" in offering responses to simple questions pertaining to process-analysis topics and operations management. Although the chatbot was not flawless, as it still made calculation errors of sixth grade, it left the professor stunned who commented that the chatbot even has the capability to improve its response when given hints during a difficult problem.

Law Exam- University of Minnesota

Alongside some real students, ChatGPT took four exams in the Law School at the University of Minnesota. Surprisingly, the chatbot managed to answer 12 essay questions and 95 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and received a C+. It was revealed after 4 law school professors from the university released a paper, stating that ChatGPT cleared the exam with low, yet, passable grades in all the 4 courses. The professors also added that ChatGPT is a mediocre law student whose performance is good enough to earn a JD Degree from a law school.

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

Not limited to Law and Finance, ChatGPT was seen as equally efficient when it came to one of the most difficult examinations in the states- USMLE (The United States Medical Licensing Examination). The difficulty of the examination could better be understood by its preparation that takes 4 years of study and clinical rotations of over 2 years. To everyone’s utmost surprise, ChatGPT successfully completed all 3 parts of the USMLE in its first attempt with an accuracy of 50.3% and bagged 60% marks.

MBE (Multistate Bar Exam)

While testing the capabilities of ChatGPT, veteran serial entrepreneur and an adjunct professor in College of Law at Michigan State University, Michael Bommarito, along with the law professor at Kent College of Law, Daniel Katz, put forth a research paper on 31st December, 2022, entitled- GPT takes the bar exam. The paper clearly stated the AI chatbot cleared the examination and secured more than 50% marks.

Microbiology Quiz

Testing the abilities of ChatGPT, executive editor of Big Think and science journalist, Alex Berezow, made the AI chatbot solve a microbiology quiz consisting of 10 questions. While the questions were hard enough to qualify for final year exams at university level, ChatGPT successfully passed the quiz with the accuracy of 95%.

AP English essay

While showcasing its excellence in literature, ChatGPT blew the AP Literature class test as well. In the examination, ChatGPT was tasked with writing a 500-1000 word essay to compose an argument.

Google Coding Interview

ChatGPT is said to have passed Google's coding interview for L3 engineers as well. The test is regarded as one of the most difficult interviews to pass, yet ChatGPT aced it in order to be considered for the position. Interestingly, level three engineers typically earn roughly $183000 per year.

Exam that ChatGPT failed

PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination)- Grade 6, Singapore

The Straits Times, a Singaporean news organization, asked ChatGPT to take the PSLE, a national level exam in Singapore taken by typically 12 year old students at the end of their primary school education. The AI chatbot was given to solve English, Science, and Maths question papers from the last three years. Shockingly, ChatGPT managed to score an average of 16 marks out of 100 in mathematics, which is way behind minimum passing marks required. In the other two subjects, English and Science, it performed just as disappointingly and failed with poor grades.

Although you may now call ChatGPT a doctor, a lawyer, a banker, while the list goes on, the AI chatbot is yet far from replacing humans settled in these sectors. No wonder it has shown extraordinary academic skills, institutions all around the world are starting to take drastic measures to prohibit students from using ChatGPT or any other AI chatbot. However, it will be interesting to see ChatGPT taking more exams and assess its abilities in the very early stages.

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